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Focus on the foundation of your body-your skeletal system.

OsteoStrong was invented to reverse Osteoporosis, the same way you built your skeletal system as a child. Side effects include increased strength, better balance and posture, increased joint stability, improved energy and reduced HbA1c.

Our Story

The Journey

I chose to open OsteoStrong in a temporary location in Prairie Village, Kansas, while my permanent OsteoStrong location, also in Prairie Village, is under construction. People ask me, “Why not just wait a few months to open in your permanent space?” I think a few months is too long to wait. My father is 89-years-old and he desperately needs more strength today. A few months could be the rest of his life. This technology has profoundly changed how I function on a daily basis: I want my family, friends and the community to have the opportunity to start benefiting from OsteoStrong now.

We are now in our permanent location at 90th and Roe (near Tatsu's French Restaurant)!

"Do it now. Sometimes 'Later' becomes 'Never'"

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What is OsteoStrong?

60 seconds a week. No Pain. All Gain.

OsteoStrong is based on Wolff’s law: pressure on bone remodels bone. There are over 25,000 studies involving Wolff’s law. Science once thought that a little pressure or load did a little good and a lot of pressure/load did a lot of good. That belief was dispelled in 2012, when a UK study determined that to regenerate bone in the hip, it takes significant load—specifically 4.2 multiples of one’s body weight in force to cause activation of cells to build bone in the hip. (Take your body weight times 4.2!)

You built your bone density as a child one jump and bump at a time. That effortless high impact built the vast majority of the skeletal system that carries you through your entire life. You don’t need OsteoStrong to regenerate bone. All you have to do is jump off a table (if you’re thin, you may need to wear a weighted vest). If such high impact seems like a bad idea, OsteoStrong offers impact emulation. You don’t have to have high impact, just force or load through your skeletal system, which OsteoStrong provides without the risk associated with high impact (such as landing after jumping off a table).

With OsteoStrong, you are in control of loading--putting force through your skeletal system, and due to the static positioning, the ingenious robotic equipment, and the intelligence of our central nervous system, you can comfortably reach many multiples of your body weight to trigger osteogenesis, the formation of new bone, at virtually any age.

In addition to changing your bone tissue, osteogenic loading at OsteoStrong also changes soft tissue (Davis’ Law). You can increase the density of your muscles, improve balance, improve posture, increase energy, thicken your tendons and ligaments so you may have less back and joint pain, as well as more joint stability.

Scientific studies show OsteoStrong improved bone density for post-menopausal women an average of 14% in six months, and lowered HbA1c in pre-diabetics an average of .6 in 6 months.

Does it work for everyone? No. You have to have the building blocks to build bone density. We offer the trigger, or stimulus, to activate your osteoblasts to build bone-you provide the building blocks (such as calcium and vitamin D). It is also contraindicated for those with an active hernia, unmedicated hypertension, muscular dystrophy and third trimester pregnancy. You must be cleared for exercise to participate in the OsteoStrong program.

How long does it take? Most people notice strength, balance, posture and energy changes very quickly. It takes six months to a year to see changes on a DXA scan. Ten minutes, once a week is all it takes and you can come dressed for any occasion!

Spectrum Loading Equipment

This technology combines proven science and modern technology. The session includes four devices that create impact emulation, which triggers your body's natural adaptive response to regenerate bone. Going through a session gives members the benefit of high impact force throughout the musculoskeletal system without the risk of injury from high impact.


PEMF Mat and HydroMassage

These are optional, but a great way to wrap up your session.

PEMF is a portable mat that produces pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) around an individual’s body. This field then delivers healing energy to the body by producing negative ions and infrared waves.

Infrared waves stimulate and strengthen the body’s nervous, endocrine, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

The HydroMassage bed is a convenient, dry, full body massage with the use of warm, pressurized water. Simply lie down in the open design bed, fully clothed, and feel the immediate benefits of the traveling jet system, for a relaxing body massage. The bed can be easily customized to put pressure exactly where you need it most.

X3 Bar Demo Center

X3BAR can build muscle 3x faster than traditional training.

Compared to regular weight training, variable resistance training (such as X3Bar) led to double or triple the gains in one-rep max, and triple the gains in average power, for the time period tested.  So now knowing this, we need to massively increase force as we move into stronger ranges, you can’t do this with a weight, but X3bar makes this happen.


Rachelle Worrall


I am a re-purposed lawyer with two adult daughters and four dogs. I have always had a passion for health and wellness--a necessity due to a sub-optimal immune system. My stressful profession, combined with menopause and other health issues, forced me to make significant life changes. By age 53, I had lost considerable strength, most notably in my hands. After six OsteoStrong sessions—driving four hours to the nearest OsteoStrong location in St. Louis—my hand strength returned, and I was able to open jars again. The chronic numbness and pain in my right arm also vanished. To feel stronger every day rather than weaker is unbelievable.

Amanda Boyd

Center Manager

I spent the last 9 years as a Business Office Manager for a Physical Therapy group with multiple locations in Overland Park. I was a multi-sport athlete, playing volleyball, basketball and softball, and had multiple knee injuries. OsteoStrong has improved my knee pain, balance and agility so much, I will be back on the field this spring. A native of Minnesota, I enjoy traveling, being outside, reading and am an avid sports fan.

Lisa Kiene

Session Coach

I have an extensive background in marketing, events & customer experience and am also a Certified Manager in Mindbody software.

I also teach Yamuna Body Rolling and Yamuna Foot Fitness at Pilates 1901. Spiritually I find inspiration through my passion for capturing all of life’s beauty and experiences with my camera.

Bridget Wray

Session Coach

I am currently a student at the University of Missouri – Kansas City majoring in Health Sciences with an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy. My ultimate goal is to continue on to DPT school. As someone who has played sports my whole life, I saw decreases in my strength, agility, and physique once I stopped. Since working at OsteoStrong, I not only have seen an improvement in my own strength, but have witnessed the tremendous gains of our clients. When I’m not at studying or working, you can find me doing photo shoots with friends or playing with my two fat cats. 

Born and

Testimonials from OsteoStrong Clients

“My doctor has been monitoring my bone density for over 10yrs when my scan showed I had Osteopenia at 52 yrs old. My last scan before starting OsteoStrong was when my doctor and I became really concerned, because I decreased more than ever before, which put me at -3.3 in my spine... I agreed to start taking Raloxifene, but admittedly, was very inconsistent with it.


I also checked out OsteoStrong at the recommendation of my doctor and I’m so glad I did! After two years of OsteoStrong I increased in both my hip and spine! Spine increased 6.9% and hip increased 2.5%! I still have a ways to go but I’m just thrilled that my bones are getting stronger!”

~OsteoStrong St. Louis member

When I was 48 years old I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in my hips and Osteopenia in my spine. My doctor perscribed a medication for my Osteoporosis, but I couldn't take it because I was allergic.

I started taking calcium and vitamin D3 and also doing weight training exercise to help stop the progress of my Osteoporosis. Every year, I would go and have a DXA bone scan to check my Osteoporosis status to determine if I was getting worse or better. After several years of this, my bone status was the same or a little worse.

Several years later, learned about Osteostrong and decided I would give it a try for one year. Well that year has passed and I went to have my DXA bone scan. For the first time ever, not only did I stop the Osteoporosis progress of getting worse, my bone density actually improved. I am now 59 years old and am now Osteopenia in my hips and almost normal in my spine.

This is why I will continue to do Osteostrong. It is helping me reverse my Osteoporosis and Osteopenia disease. I continue to take my calcium and vitamin D3 supplements, exercise, and do Osteostrong.

You can do it too! Just remember it's a long process and be patient."

~OsteoStrong Murrieta member


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Membership Options

We offer discounts for Veterans, Seniors (65+) and First Responders (PD, FD, EMT)

Baseline Testing

This includes a heel scan, computerized balance test, hand grip test, sit to stand test and fracture risk assessment (if requested). This testing is repeated quarterly to track progress.

regular price: $199

currently $99 thru 9/30/2019!

Core Package

VibePlate, Spectrum Loading, PEMF mat.
All our packages are once a week.

Regular price: $129/month

Strong Package

VibePlate, Spectrum Loading, PEMF, HydroMassage

Regular price: $149/month

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